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The Semi-annual Sale Summary Conference of CNP Domestic Sales Department ...
The three-day semi-annual sale summary conference closed on 18 July 2010. President, general manager, leadership, sales managers, industry leadership, branding guidance experts gathered at the headquarters of the company and attended the conference.
During the conference, the Secretary-General of Water Industry Association inspected and guided CNP. He also introduced water quality managerial direction of secondary water supply, and mentioned that CNP should regard water industry services as marketing strategy to implement the initiative. He hoped that CNP can “Learn others sales model, go it’s own way”, and placed high expectations on the future development of CNP.
Then the conference team reported the sales of the local offices and made suggestion. The office managers reported business progress and encountered problems in detail. They were commented by leadership.
In order to absorb the latest and best selling concept, the company also invited sales and marketing director and the company's brand consultants, who explained the importance of company's brand image in the sales activity.

Finally, the president and general manager summed up and have new demands on marketing center, emphasized the importance of sales, pointed out that professional quality of sales staff directly represents CNP image. Meanwhile, requested all sales staff recognize their own shortcomings, and enhance staff ability by continuously learning, carry forward the enterprise spirit of teamwork, to create a bright future for CNP!



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