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Science and technology look forward to the future

    As the only appointed pump producer who undertake the mission of “research and demonstration project of domestic sea water desalination device” by the National Science and Technology Ministry, CNP shoulder the important task of developing and producing china’s own corrosion resisting high-pressure pump, which is the key equipment in the procedure of water desalination. On April 13th, we successfully accomplish the trial of producing two sets of large-scale seawater desalination high pressure pump which can treat 10 thousand tons seawater per day.

    The two pumps mentioned above are the accompanying devices of seawater desalination device, and they will be used for national demonstration project. Adopting the technology of CFD optimization in design, this kind of pump is efficient and energy-saving. And all the spare parts which will directly contact with seawater are made of double phase stainless steel. As Impellers are installed back-to-back to reach hydraulic balance, the pump don’t exist the heavy axial force as ordinary high pressure pumps have. With flow rate of 540m3/h, head of 600m (it can treat 12.5 thousand tons seawater per day) of one set, and flow rate of 440 m3/h, head of 600m (it can treat 10 thousand tons seawater per day) of the other set, this kind of pump’s efficiency is more than 80%, it reaches international advanced level and will be the ideal substitute of imported seawater high pressure pump.

    Seawater desalination pump has broad prospects. National Development and Reform Commission advocates building marine economy by developing seawater desalination industry. According to relevant requirement, the localization rate of seawater desalination equipment should reach 70%, which will surely create more market for domestic seawater desalination industry. Some analysts estimate it will add 8.6 million Yuan to the market room of seawater desalination device and material industry, among which high pressure pump accounts for 0.89 billion Yuan. As the only domestic producer of seawater desalination pump, CNP is the leading contender of this big cake.

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