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CNP'S TRIP TO China Refrigeration and ISH China&CIHE 2013

   China Refrigeration and ISH China&CIHE 2013 were held in Shanghai and Beijing respectively from April 8th to April 10th.

   CNP specialized in manufacturing products related to HVAP,and its main products such as CHLF(T),TD,NISO,CDL were on display at the two exhibitions above.
   As an outstanding representative of China pump with top technique and quality, CNP's TD series large-aperture pipeline pump and NISO series end-suction centrifugal pump are widely used in HVAC, district heating and other industries nowadays.

CNP's products have won unanimous applause from the visitors by their brilliant hydraulic designs, effective and stable performances and lower operating costs.

   The sigle stage double suction split case pump (NSC) made it the center of attention as it could be applied to larger throughput.

   CNP's excellent pumps assorting highly effective motors provide customers with feasible energy conservation project.
   CNP's trip to China Referigeration and ISH China&CIHE 2013 helped building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.
   CNP, the green hydrodynamics expert on your side.

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